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Monday, April 7, 2014

update on financial situation of the project

 Hello everybody,

it's time to post an update on the financial situation of this support project for Vlad, 4K9W.

Vlad continues to be very active and the current condx help him to get a good number of QSO into the log every month, mostly on the higher bands.

So far the needed 24 h / 7-day care is completly assured till end of june 2014.

As we have just a few constant supporters after that only about 25% of the needed 490€ are assured.

So it's time to try again to find some more monthly supporters as the monthly costs is the main problem. Since the start of the project at end of 2008 more than €30k were collected and payed only for the personal 24h / 7-day care needed for Vlad. Many thanks again to the 700 people around the world who supported this project in any way since 2008!

What really would help is to find about 15 people or so who are able and would like to support Vlad with about something like 20€ each month.

If you decide to support this project on a monthly term please contact me directly at If you want to support on a one time base the same email address can be used on PayPal - please note your callsign and that the support is for 4K9W.

This information can be spread of course through other sources like websites and forums.

73 & gl

Axel Schernikau, DL6KVA

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  1. Keep up the humanitarian work Axel! You and Vlad are shining examples of Ham Radio at its finest!