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Friday, April 20, 2012

Vlad's health and 4K9SONG operation

In march I took the chance to visit Vlad and stay with him for about a week (much too short). I was also active as 4K0CW during that time and took part in the Russian DX Contest.
It was great to visit him and Valentina who cares for him already more than 3 years again after my last visit in 2009.

Of course Vlad (as everybody of us) becomes older and the constant health problems doesn't help but Vlad is still in good mood and tries to be QRV every day using the chances condx give. Bands are not as good as in september / october but sometimes the higher bands (15/12/10m) can be used pretty good.

Two days ago he started to use his personal special call 4K9SONG for the upcomming European Song Contest which will be held in May in Baku, Azerbaijan. QSL for 4K9SONG will be printed and available via DL6KVA.

Many thanks again to all supporters for this long term project!

Axel Schernikau, DL6KVA

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