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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

continued support

Thanks to the continuing support mainly from the regular supporters and some new supporters (check the long list at the left) Vlad gets very good help from his caretaker Walja (check the photo of the last post) and continues to be very active on the air (providing power supply, some problems now during winter time).

With great service from Alfio, IT9EJW, and his QSL-print service the needed new QSLs for Vlad are given to print now (see photo on top of this post) and will be ready pretty soon. QSL-printing is sponsored this time 100% by Alfio, IT9EJW. Thanks a lot, Alfio, also on the behalf of Vlad, 4K9W!

Axel Schernikau, DL6KVA

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vladimir, receives a warm and affectionate embrace
    from Galicia (NW Spain) ...
    You are a great example of passion and love for
    Amateur radio, your hobby makes you overcome all
    physical and psychological barriers that you have caused your
    state and deserve all my support and admiration ... really
    Radio is "BIG", and people like you more,
    I hope to hear sometime, when the
    bands ... would be a great joy for me .... 73-51-88! and
    all the best for you and yours ... You deserve it.